How To Use Our Swaddles

With the unique double-patented Cross My Heart Swaddle™ system, you are not forced to use the same approach each and every time. Babies are different. Food, environment, growth, and personality all play a part in how your baby soothes, grows, swaddles and sleeps. After interviewing hundreds of parents we determined the best swaddle leaves room for all these variables.

Sometimes its warm and you want arms up and legs out, sometimes Mom had something spicy for lunch and baby is a bit gassy; legs in, arms in helps digestion. Sometimes it’s sleep baby needs more than soothing. With the Cross My Heart Swaddle™, you can loosen and tighten and move arms and legs specifically for your babies best rest. Bouncer or no bouncer, onesie or PJ’s, car seat or not – you name it! There is a Cross My Heart Swaddle™ for any and everything you desire for your little ones comfort.

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Here’s How To Use Our Cross My Heart Swaddles!

Arms Across Chest Demo

Arms At Sides Demo

Arms Only Demo

Cross My Heart Swaddle™ System


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