Cross My Heart Swaddle™

Keeping your baby safe, secure & comfortable!

Cross My Heart Swaddle™

It’s the only 6 point swaddle system out there!

Cross My Heart Swaddle™

Comes with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Cross My Heart Swaddle allows you to swaddle safely, securely and for a longer duration.

Cross My Heart Swaddle Smiling Baby Image
Cross My Heart Swaddle Image
Cross My Heart Swaddle Smiling Baby Image

We provide closures exactly where they are needed in order to be most effective and supportive for your baby.

Cross My Heart Swaddle Image
  • Available in one attractive gender-neutral color combination: White w/Gray trim
  • One size fits most, newborn to 4 months
  • Soft & Strong 100% cotton interlock fabric
  • 100% cotton trim
  • Machine washable

We are currently offering shipping rates to the
United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Parents all over the world swaddle their babies to reduce crying, increase trust, and encourage sleep.
Cross My Heart Swaddle™ is the only system you will ever need.

  • 3 distinct options in 1.
  • Choose which method you and your baby prefer.
  • One adjustable size is all you’ll need – for ages 0-4 months depending on baby’s actual size.
  • Houdini Proof – once swaddled, baby stays swaddled.
  • No-scratch fasteners.
  • Works with many rockers, bouncers and swings.
  • Pouch includes side openings for monitor cords and easy access.
  • Made from strong, breathable 100% cotton interlock.
  • The only double-patented system that converts to arms up, arms down, arms only, or arms free.
Cross My Heart Swaddle Smiling Baby Image


Our Cross My Heart Swaddle™ is so easy to use that we cross our hearts with a 30 day money back guarantee!

With the pouch strap opening, you can use with a swing or rocker with legs remaining in the swaddle pouch or leave the lower body outside of the swaddle – more choices!

Cross My Heart Swaddle™ product features define our brand as well as our value proposition; arms-up and arms-down as well as the option of having arms-only, without the need of the sleep pouch. You get all of these great options in one heck of a swaddle.

One Cross My Heart Swaddle incorporates the following three options in a single, modular design:

  • Hands Over Heart
  • Arms At Sides
  • Arms Only (without use of the pouch)
Cross My Heart Swaddle Smiling Baby Image

Cross My Heart Swaddle™ System

Cross My Heart Swaddle™

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U.S. Patent No. 8,910,332 U.S. Patent No. 9,060,549
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