Features and Benefits

Parents all over the world swaddle their babies to provide:

  • A sense of calm and security
  • To induce sleep
  • For peace of mind
  • Available in attractive gender-neutral color combinations
  • One size fits most, newborn to 4 months
  • Soft & Strong 100% cotton interlock fabric
  • 100% cotton trim
  • Machine washable

Three swaddles in a single, simple to use modular design!

  • Arms Across Chest
  • Arms At Sides
  • Arms Only (without use of the pouch)

Swaddle-GuaranteeOur Cross My Heart Swaddle™ is so easy to use that we cross our hearts with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Cross My Heart Swaddle™

The only 6 point swaddle system that adapts to the needs of your baby.

Our Cross My Heart Swaddle™ is easy to use.

Cross My Heart Swaddle™ will envelop your baby in soft, 100% breathable cotton fabric. We use interlock cotton which provides added stretch but only in the desired direction that maximizes comfort while also providing reinforced strength that a premium swaddle should provide.

Our swaddle is all about KEEPING YOUR BABY IN THE SWADDLE safely and securely. We developed our unique swaddle around effective armcontainment so that your baby can’t wriggle out. With an emphasis on arm-containment, our design ensures that your baby will sleep peacefully while feeling that in-the-womb sense of security. That helps babies AND new parents grab some much-needed sleep! Our system is a double patented design which includes a generous sized sleep pouch with plenty of room for baby’s growth and for up and out leg and hip movement.

Cross My Heart Swaddle Features

The pouch also has side openings on each side for easy access, as well as a double snap enclosure in order to fold the pouch down for diaper access, or for legs out swaddling while in the arms-across-chest swaddle position.

And speaking of unique positions, we have the only 3-in-1 easy to use swaddle options available. We offer arms-across-chest, arms-at-sides, or arms-only (without use of the pouch) swaddling, with all three methods built into the same modular swaddle. You get more options and Baby gives you less fuss. All three options hold your baby in a gentle, yet snug hug.

Swaddle-GuaranteeWe believe our swaddle is so easy to use and is made of the highest possible quality, that we back every swaddle with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Together, you and your baby can determine which swaddle method(s) are best suited for various times and occasions; whether you want warmth, or perhaps a cooler environment without the pouch, or your baby may simply respond better to arms-across-chest or arms-at-sides at different times. All these choices are at yours and your baby’s fingertips with our CMHS System. That is why we call Cross My Heart Swaddle™ a swaddle system; because it truly is.

Just read some of our parent testimonials and you will see why this amazing swaddle provides all the choices you would ever want or need in a premium swaddle. All three swaddle methods work consistently and reliably, due to its well thought out double patented design. Once attached correctly, baby will not break free, regardless of which swaddle method you have chosen. The design includes unique, no-scratch hook & loop enclosures that are low profile to significantly reduce the potential of scratching while providing the benefit of added sheer strength which the side to side pull resistance that you want from a quality hook and loop fastening system.

The icing on the cake with this fastening system is that its pull strength, for attaching and re-attaching, is modest and therefore, accommodating to parents who have concerns with the ripping sound that velcro-type fasteners typically make. This means that the sound is not nearly as prominent on Cross My Heart Swaddle; another intended benefit to you and your baby.

Cross My Heart Swaddle’s unique and careful design reflects the seven-year developmental process that it took to create. We at Park Innovations are so pleased and excited to share the CMHS system with all parents who appreciate the benefits of swaddling and who seek a safe and reliable swaddling solution for their precious newborn. That’s why we are so excited to invite you to try the Cross My Heart Swaddle™ system for your baby and you will see for yourself why our CMHS System is the only swaddle system you will ever need.

Our Cross My Heart Swaddle™ adapts to baby’s needs.

We provide closures exactly where they are needed in order to be most effective and supportive for your baby.

Cross My Heart Swaddle™ product features define our brand as well as our value proposition; arms-across-chest and arms-at-sides swaddling as well as the option of having arms-only swaddling, without the need of the sleep pouch. You get all of these great options in one heck of a swaddle.

Cross My Heart Swaddle™ System


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