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I think this is valuable because every baby prefers different swaddle methods
and as babies grow and move more a different swaddle method may work better.”
“I like all the options so I can try different swaddle techniques as baby grows and as
I use the swaddle with different children.

Danielle S. Cincinnati, OH

Highly effective allowing my son to have a restful sleep. We prefer the arms at the sides for the crib and the arms crossed over for the swing.

Kevin D. from Mamaroneck, NY

The product performed better than both my wife and I expected. Everything functioned/fit exactly as it was designed. So far, we have used this for three swaddle methods. We had a decent routine before using this product, but this product has only made our bedtime routine better and more consistent.

Jon N. from Claremont, NH

Utilizing the arms to the side and sleep sack method seems to be her favorite. Our daughter seemed to calm down much quicker with this method and slept longer. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying this, but with this method, she has yet to wake up before at least 8 hours of continuous sleep.

Virginia from Claremont, NH

I like that the wings can be removed to use independently. That comes in
handy for medical uses. I found the hands over heart most appealing because I know that babies like to
have their hands close to their chests. My son seemed more calm and comfortable that way.

Laura A. Lexington, NC

I really love this product. It’s the best swaddle that I’ve had and I’ve had them all for my three kids. Thanks again!

Elmarie B. from Westminster, CO

I really like the option to secure the arms without the swaddle as the child grows out of the swaddle, but still likes that feeling. I think it worked very well; my baby seemed tight and secure in all positions. I like the arms down the best. It took a little practice to get good at it, but it feels very secure and comfortable for my little one!

Colleen Z. Wauwatosa, WI

My husband and I love the swaddle! The design is great and we love how it seems more ergonomically correct for hip dysplasia than the miracle blanket and swaddle me swaddles.

Katie C. from Washington, DC

Your swaddle is great and people see that. My son has been asleep for two hours moving and all, but doesn’t wake up. I even suctioned out his nose and he stayed asleep. That never happens!

Diana G. from Bowie, MD

We are more than pleased with the quality and functionality of your swaddle! We have now bought swaddles for everyone we know, they made great shower presents. We highly recommend your swaddle!/blockquote>

Katherina from Victoria, BC Canada

Finally a restful night! Cross my heart, I am telling the truth! Love it.

Satisfied Customer

Snug as a bug in a rug! I love our Cross My Heart Swaddles! Worry free nap times, safe secure “Can I hold your baby” requests and easy to manage for Grandmas!

Amy from Cedar BC, Canada

Cool idea. I like the different options but will mostly use the removable swaddle section. My packaging came with a QR code that took me directly to the video instructions, which was helpful in figuring out the different ways you can swaddle with it.

S. Bryant

Love, love, love ❤️ it is so soft, colors and pattern with baby animals is better in person!! Thank you Cross My Heart Swaddle – super fast delivery too!!

Michelle M

I bought this swaddle as a gift. I’m not sure which swaddle method will work best, but I love the fact that this swaddle has multiple options to choose from.

K. Douglas

Great product, we really like the arms over chest swaddle. It’s also nice to be able to remove that arms down swaddle section. Highly recommended.

D. Brown

Swaddle-GuaranteeWe believe our swaddle is so easy to use and is made of the highest possible quality, that we back every swaddle with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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